Unveil The Strength is a Texas-based metal band that has taken the world by storm with their intense sound and captivating performances. The band was founded in 2018. The lineup of Unveil The Strength is five talented musicians - Mark Wölfe, Matt Snell, Greg Collister , Deen Dean, and Benjamin Leveque. Their debut album, Foundations, was released in 2020, and it immediately caught the attention of metal fans all over the world. With only six out of ten songs released, Unveil The Strength was able to accumulate over 3.4 million streams on Spotify, a testament to the band's incredible musicianship and songwriting skills. Two of their most popular tracks from Foundations, "Hells Never Over" and "Kill," climbed the Billboard Mainstream Rock Indicator Chart and landed in the top forty. These tracks showcase the band's heavy riffs, monstrous bass, and thundering drums, which are sure to appeal to metalheads, but Unveil The Strength also incorporates melodic solos and catchy vocals that draw in active rock fans. The band recorded Foundations with the help of renowned producer/engineer Rob Kukla at Studio Fredman and mixed/mastered by Henrik Udd at Henrik Udd Recording in Gothenburg, Sweden. Udd's impressive production work with other well-known acts such as Architects, Bring Me The Horizon, At The Gates, and Delain made him an excellent choice for Unveil the Strength. With their unique sound and impressive track record, Unveil the Strength is a force to be reckoned with in the metal music scene. Fans can't wait to see what they come up with next, and it's clear that this talented group of musicians has a bright future ahead of them.